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It’s me. your conscience. I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Just because we’re under quarantine doesn’t mean we consciences can take time off. It doesn’t work that way. BTW…. Happy Anniversary of your accquital. It was a tough go and that trial could have gone either way.

Remember our last conversation? We first discussed getting the ducks in a row. Then there’s the issue of George and Cindy, your parents (remember them?). While they did try to throw you under the bus while the wheels were moving, they’re still your parents and that’s not gonna change anytime soon. They’re not Spring chickens, Casey. It’s time to make peace with them.

Then there’s the issue of your brother Lee. If nothing else, make peace with him as well as any potential nieces or nephews he may have. Granted, they need help and if anything they could use it.

Then there’s the issue of the tubes. You’re not getting any younger, the mommy track doesn’t seem to work for you, so tie those for your sake and menopause will be at your door before you know it. Before you start turning red in the face, I’m not saying don’t fall in love with anyone (male or female), just cut the tap off or make sure he’s wearing a rubber, if you know what I mean. We don’t want a repeat of history.

There’s also that book deal and the interviews. Start writing that book and tell your side of the story. Do that interview with Dr. Phil, even if you have to blow his cell phone up. Tell your story but tell the truth. Honesty is still the best policy and even if it was an accident and you tell us that you killed Caylee, there’s not a court on this Earth that can touch you because of Double Jeopardy.

Jose Baez, the man that got you out of trouble. Remember him? Casey, don’t bite the hand that’s been feeding you please. Jose’s no Perry Mason but he’s a damned good lawyer.

Then that tat. Really, girl? La Vida Loca? What were you thinking? Were you even thinking? Lose that thing ASAP. It makes you a target. Make friends with the nearest dermatologist and lose that thing.

Casey, you’ve been called cold. You’ve been called callous, a liar and that word that rhymes with itch (we won’t use that word). You’ve done that AP interview in 2017 since you’ve been set free and shown us some glimpes of your life since the “Trial of the Century.” That’s a start but it’s not enough. The world needs to know what really happened and it needs to come from you. Tell us what happened, the good, the bad and the ugly. We want to hear from you fairly and honestly. In the bigger picture, it’s time to get the ducks in a row, if not for you, then for Lee and your parents.

You’ve been found not guilty by a jury of your peers. It was a trial that not even Hollywood could have imagined. Granted, that jury came from Pinellas County instead of Orange County. That means that you can profit from any book sale you may have in mind. Set up more meetings with your parents and Lee while you still have them, even if those meetings last no more than five minutes. They’re not going to be around forever.

I don’t want to sound like Marley’s ghost in “A Christmas Carol,” dear. At the same time, you’ve forged a lot of chains in your life, link by link, yard by yard. Has your story been perfect? Not by a long shot. At the same time, it’s time to come forward and be truthful. I am sure that there are those that want to hear your side of the story. Time to tell it, regardless of how painful it may sound.

There’s the saying that you can catch more flies with vinegar than honey. Get the ducks in a row. Lose the tat, tell the truth, tie the tubes and make peace with the ‘rents and your brother, if not for your sake, then for theirs and for Caylee’s memory.

The clock is STILL ticking, Casey.

The ball is now in your court.

(photo courtesy The Associated Press, The Orlando Sentinel and WESH-TV)

Hi, Casey.

It’s me again.

Your voice of reason.

You thought I had forgotten, right?


It’s on this date six years ago in an Orlando courtroom, in front of people you didn’t know from Adam’s housecat told the world that you didn’t kill your daughter Caylee.

When you got out of the Orange County Jail, with Jose Baez behind you, it was the end of a trial that divided a community and almost earned you a trip to Florida’s death row.

There were some things that we discussed that you needed to take care of. Think of it as your Herculean Labors, so to speak.

First, get rid of the tat. “La Vida Loca” doesn’t quite work for you. Let’s get to a dermotologist and have that taken care of. It makes you a target, whether you know it or not.

Second, get right with George and Cindy and Lee. Remember them, your parents and your brother, the same people that almost threw you under the bus? Get that taken care of, please. They’re not getting any younger, you know. Beside, if Lee has kids, it would be nice to know they have an aunt.

Third, get the tubes tied. You’re not exactly “mother of the year” material. You having another child? BAD idea, given what you’ve gone through.

Fourth, that book that we hope you’re going to write and or that interview you’re going to eventually give one day? Please do it. The world needs to hear your side of the story and you deserve to tell it. Just be truthful, be honest and be forthcoming. You can profit from it as well, since you’ve been found not guilty.

Fifth, the issues you’ve been having with Jose Baez? Enough. Please. Stop biting the hand that kept you out of death row. It’s bad for business.

We’re not asking you to turn water into wine, Casey. We’re not even going to ask you to walk on water. Those two tasks have already been done by someone else.

Six years, Casey. America watched a trial that was better than most soap operas. It was a case that showcased our American justice system. Was it perfect? No. There was some chippiness between the state and Baez. There were some concern that the trial would even have a jury that would be fair and impartial and had to go to Pinellas County (Clearwater) to select that jury. As stated earlier, those people didn’t know you from Adam’s housecat. They did a job that no one in your community was willing to do fairly.

Casey, if you do even one of these things (assuming you haven’t already), it’s a win for you. You’ve been called cold, callous, aloof, a liar and the word that rhymes with witch. You’re not perfect and then again, none of us are. Caylee’s dead and that’s not going to change. Just tell us what happened. There’s not going to be a retrial of any kind because you’re protected by the Constitution.

So celebrate your freedom, love. Just remember that if you’ve started on some of these tasks, great; if not, get moving. The clock is ticking. Your parents aren’t getting any younger and for that matter, neither are you.

To paraphrase Hanibal Lecter, “tick, tock, Casey.”


It’s been five years, Casey. Five years since you appeared in front of America in that Orange County Courtroom, charged with the murder of your daughter Caylee. Five years since your attorney Jose Baez went all the way to Clearwater to select a jury that would decide your fate. Five years ago, you were the star in the “trial of the century,” a trial that got underway in May and finished on July 5th, the day after America celebrated its independence.

Five years ago, that jury that was taken from their homes in Pinellas County decided your fate and told the world that you didn’t do it.

Here it is, five years later and some still think of you as the most hated woman in American history since Mary Mallon (Typhoid Mary) or Tokyo Rose. Five years ago, some called you cold.



Some would even go so far as to call you a bitch.

That’s their right and opinion. Just say.

In my last two columns to you, I made some suggestions that I hope you are working on or will work on.

First, the “Dolce Vita” tat. Get rid of it. It makes you look like a target and I’m sure that there’s someone that’s out there that wants to do you harm. That tat? Sticks out like a zit on a teenager’s face before prom.

Second, take care of the mental and physical health issues and that includes getting the tubes tied. You’re not exactly mother material and you make Joan Crawford look like Mother of the Year.

Third, make peace with the parents and your brother Lee. While the ‘rents almost threw you under the bus, it was Lee that got your bacon out of the fire. He’s married now and recently became a father, which means that you need to be a good aunt to your niece or nephew. As for George and Cindy, they’re not getting any younger (and neither are you), so it’s good if you made peace with them while they’re above ground, not while they’re being lowered in a grave in a casket.

Fourth, it’s time to tell your story. Let me say it LOUDLY. TELL YOUR STORY and be honest and forthcoming about everything. If you choose to go the talk show route, that’s fine but be honest. A good talk show host, such as Dr. Phil, can see through a lie in a heartbeat. Same goes if you decide to write a book. We want to know what happened to Caylee, good or bad. Put the cards on the table, push the chips in the middle of the table and go all in. I’d also apologize to the people at Universal Studios. They’re not exactly happy with their name being dragged through the mud.

You didn’t exactly go scott free. There was the issue of the cops being lied to. Not the smartest move, chica. I mean, what the hell were you thinking? For that, you lost four years of your life and $4,000. Think about it. If you had been forthcoming with the fuzz, this might have never seen the light of day.

So now you’re sort of working as a photographer and that’s good, launching your own photography business called Case Photography but having a few projects here and there. You’re still living in the Sunshine State and getting some financial support from your dream team. Your dating life? Stinking like road kill, some would say and you’ve only been on a few dates since the not guilty verdict. While you’re not exactly rolling in dough, you’re doing okay.

You could do better.

Casey, you’re not getting any younger. You don’t have any friends your age that can relate to you and some have bailed on your because of the dark cloud that hangs over you like Eeyore. The relationship with the parents and your brother Lee is rocky at best but it can be repaired. You have to take the first step and if that means all four of you getting in a car and driving somewhere to talk things out (not yell, cuss or call names) and get everything out in the open.

Five years ago, a jury of your peers listened to testimony and saw evidence in the trial that could have sent you to Florida’s Death Row. That jury told the state of Florida that they didn’t prove their case BEYOND a reasonable doubt and said you were NOT GUILTY. Be open. Be fair. The most important thing? BE HONEST. You’ve already answered to a court on Earth. It would stink to be you in front of St. Peter.

The clock is ticking, Casey. The next move is yours.

Don’t blow it.

Five years ago, Casey Anthony had her fate in the hands of 12 strangers from Clearwater (Pinellas County). This time, she’s back in the news again and it involves her lawyer, the man that helped her escape Florida’s death row. She’s threatening the man that gave her freedom back to her in a lawsuit and now he’s taking her to court.


Somebody’s got some ‘splainin‘ to do.

A 15-page affidavit, obtained by People Magazine and the Orlando Sentinel, Dominic Casey alleges that Anthony had a sexual relationship with her attorney before the case went to trial. He claims that he witnessed “a naked Casey” when he arrived at Baez’s office unexpectedly. He also alleges that Baez “told me that Casey had murdered Caylee and dumped the body somewhere and, he needed all the help he could get to find the body before anyone else did.”

The affidavit, filed in her bankruptcy case last month, her former private investigator, Dominic Casey, levels some serious accusations about Anthony and her former attorney, Jose Baez.

“I have always conducted my practice consistent with the high ethical standards required of members of the Florida Bar,” he continues. “My representation of Ms. Anthony was no exception and legal action if forthcoming,” he told the Associated Press and WESH-TV.


Really, girlfriend?

What the hell?

You’re five years removed from being on Florida’s death row for the death of your child, Caylee. You’ve all but lost your relationship with your parents, who almost threw you under the bus in “the trial of the century” in Orlando in 2011. Your life was laid bare. Your lies about you working at Universal Studios were exposed, you’ve been convicted of lying to the cops about the police report and you’ve stolen from family members and now this.

what the hell?

Girlfriend, get the ducks in a row. Jose Baez may not have been perfect and he may have been a thorn in the side of Judge Perry and prosecutor Jeff Ashton but he was all that kept you from perhaps becoming the most famous woman to die in Florida by lethal injection since Elaine Warnos. And now this? Really, Casey? It’s time to grow up, love. You’ve been called a lot of things.







You’re not a murderess. A jury of your peers (granted, that jury came from Clearwarter after the citizens of Orange County could not get their ducks in a row and give the fair trial that you deserved) said you didn’t kill your daughter and you got to go home. Chill. It’s time to get the ducks in a row. You’re not getting any younger and for that matter, neither are your parents. You’re not perfect. We get that. But right now, this alledged self-destructive behavior is not boding well. If you haven’t told your story yet, it’s time. Be straight forward with us. Tell your story, even if only one person hears it. The stage is yours, Casey. Lose the tatoo. It makes you a somewhat easy target. As far as having any more kids, I’d tie the tubes. You’ve probably become the most hated woman in America since Mary Mallon (Typhoid Mary). Dating or marriage? Sure. Motherhood? Nope. You’ve been there, done that and didn’t do all that good a job.

Get the ducks in a row. Make peace with the parents, while they’re still above ground. If you brother Lee is still in the picture, have him as part of your support system. You’re not perfect, Casey. This is probably your best chance to get your house in order. Lawsuits are messy but compared to a criminal trial, it’s Disney World.

Tell your side of the story. Be honest. Tell it in your own words. Jose Baez was the best thing to come into your life.

Don’t blow it now.