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It’s been five years, Casey. Five years since you appeared in front of America in that Orange County Courtroom, charged with the murder of your daughter Caylee. Five years since your attorney Jose Baez went all the way to Clearwater to select a jury that would decide your fate. Five years ago, you were the star in the “trial of the century,” a trial that got underway in May and finished on July 5th, the day after America celebrated its independence.

Five years ago, that jury that was taken from their homes in Pinellas County decided your fate and told the world that you didn’t do it.

Here it is, five years later and some still think of you as the most hated woman in American history since Mary Mallon (Typhoid Mary) or Tokyo Rose. Five years ago, some called you cold.



Some would even go so far as to call you a bitch.

That’s their right and opinion. Just say.

In my last two columns to you, I made some suggestions that I hope you are working on or will work on.

First, the “Dolce Vita” tat. Get rid of it. It makes you look like a target and I’m sure that there’s someone that’s out there that wants to do you harm. That tat? Sticks out like a zit on a teenager’s face before prom.

Second, take care of the mental and physical health issues and that includes getting the tubes tied. You’re not exactly mother material and you make Joan Crawford look like Mother of the Year.

Third, make peace with the parents and your brother Lee. While the ‘rents almost threw you under the bus, it was Lee that got your bacon out of the fire. He’s married now and recently became a father, which means that you need to be a good aunt to your niece or nephew. As for George and Cindy, they’re not getting any younger (and neither are you), so it’s good if you made peace with them while they’re above ground, not while they’re being lowered in a grave in a casket.

Fourth, it’s time to tell your story. Let me say it LOUDLY. TELL YOUR STORY and be honest and forthcoming about everything. If you choose to go the talk show route, that’s fine but be honest. A good talk show host, such as Dr. Phil, can see through a lie in a heartbeat. Same goes if you decide to write a book. We want to know what happened to Caylee, good or bad. Put the cards on the table, push the chips in the middle of the table and go all in. I’d also apologize to the people at Universal Studios. They’re not exactly happy with their name being dragged through the mud.

You didn’t exactly go scott free. There was the issue of the cops being lied to. Not the smartest move, chica. I mean, what the hell were you thinking? For that, you lost four years of your life and $4,000. Think about it. If you had been forthcoming with the fuzz, this might have never seen the light of day.

So now you’re sort of working as a photographer and that’s good, launching your own photography business called Case Photography but having a few projects here and there. You’re still living in the Sunshine State and getting some financial support from your dream team. Your dating life? Stinking like road kill, some would say and you’ve only been on a few dates since the not guilty verdict. While you’re not exactly rolling in dough, you’re doing okay.

You could do better.

Casey, you’re not getting any younger. You don’t have any friends your age that can relate to you and some have bailed on your because of the dark cloud that hangs over you like Eeyore. The relationship with the parents and your brother Lee is rocky at best but it can be repaired. You have to take the first step and if that means all four of you getting in a car and driving somewhere to talk things out (not yell, cuss or call names) and get everything out in the open.

Five years ago, a jury of your peers listened to testimony and saw evidence in the trial that could have sent you to Florida’s Death Row. That jury told the state of Florida that they didn’t prove their case BEYOND a reasonable doubt and said you were NOT GUILTY. Be open. Be fair. The most important thing? BE HONEST. You’ve already answered to a court on Earth. It would stink to be you in front of St. Peter.

The clock is ticking, Casey. The next move is yours.

Don’t blow it.


She’s now 51, well past-child bearing age. She spent yet another Mothers’ Day alone, with no one to visit her, other than her attorneys, family and former husband.

She is probably the most-hated woman that killed her children since Susan Smith.

15 years ago, Andrea Yeats put the city of Houston on the map for the wrong reasons. 15 years ago, a trial took place in the Harris County Courthouse in downtown Houston for the murder of her four children by drowning them in the bathtub.

Houstonians thought they got the justice that they sought when the jury found her guilty of the four murders and sentenced to life. That was not the case. She got the sentence overturned on appeal and got a new trial in 2006 and with that trial, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity (some states call it mental defect) and sent to a Texas mental hospital, where to this day she remains.

Was it post-partum depression that she suffered from as the result of having four children so close in time? Those could have been factors in the deaths of her children, with the oldest being only 7 and the youngest barely able to walk at the time of their deaths. She could also have been driven to suicide, which could have resulted in the murders.

In an article published in People Magazine Monday, Wendell Odom, who was her attorney in both trials told the magazine, “I don’t think people understand how shy and reclusive and how afraid Andrea is, especially since all this publicity descended on her. She is truly afraid.”

Her former husband Rusty told Time magazine and the Houston Chronicle that while they were married, they had planned on having a large family but demons took hold of his former wife. “I look at Andrea and I think that she was weak,” he said. “Think about a field of deer and there is one limping around. That’s the way I see it, Andrea was weak and Satan attacked her.”

Yeats is likely going to live the rest of her life at the Kerrville State Hospital, 259 miles west of Houston. She will probably draw her last breath there. Andrea Yeats could have been Houston’s version of June Cleaver if she wanted to. Instead, she chose to kill her children. While she knew right from wrong, she was punished once for her misdeeds and will probably spend her remaining days on Earth wondering “what would my children look like,” “what would they do,” “would they go to college,” or “would they marry and have children of their own?” Those questions will be asked by her over and over again but history will for all eternity seal the answers to them.

Andrea Yeats spent another Mothers’ Day alone. She will spend more Mothers’ Days alone until she draws her last breath on Earth. Her four children are not here to ask her, “why did you kill us?” Mental disease, postpartum and insanity drove her to the deed. Her punishment? Being sent to a Texas mental hospital, which in some cases is a lot better than being in a women’s prison.

Andrea Yeats will fade away into history and be forgotten by some. Family and friends may continue to visit or write her, while others will no longer want anything to do with her. She lives with her fears and knowing what she did was wrong. For her to be sent away from society is punishment enough.