It’s that time again!

The 2018 Super Bowl ads made their appearance before America and a world-wide audience. There were some ads that were really good, some that were fair and some that flat out sucked. A 30-second ad in this year’s Super Bowl cost a whopping $5.5 million dollars.

That’s MILLION with a capital M.

In case you’re wondering, the cost for that same 30 seconds at the very first Super Bowl was a whopping $50,000.

Like we’ve done in the past, we’ve given each ad grades but this year, we’re going to give them a PASS/FAIL grade. Ads that appeared during the game were graded, ads for the network or the National Football League or during station breaks were not graded and ads that were repeated during the game were not given second grades.

we listed each ad in the quarter they appeared in, listed the product and gave them a grade. We also listed the time on the game clock when play was stopped and that ad appeared.

These ads will be talked about not just by the people that made them, they’ll be talked about by the fans that watched them and hopefully will buy the products that are being offered. $5.5 million for 30 seconds comes out to $183,000 a second. That means that if you have an ad or thinking about doing one for Super Bowl LIII (which will be in Atlanta), start working on it and save those pennies NOW.

Here are the ads that appeared during the game and each are listed by quarter and what time they appeared.

First Quarter

7:55 – Toyota Paralympian – PASS
Sprint Robot – PASS

7:55 – Lucas Films: Solo – PASS
Turkish Airlines Dr. Oz Five Senses – PASS

4:17 – Bud Light Battle – PASS
M&M Danny Devito – PASS

2:34 – Dodge Ram Vikings – PASS
Wendy’s vs. McDonalds – PASS

2:30 – Hulu: Castle Rock – PASS
Skechers Howie Long – PASS
Heroes Arena – PASS

Second Quarter

13:11 – Bud Light Knight – FAIL
E Trade 85 – FAIL
Mission Impossible – PASS

12:59 – Rocket Mortage – FAIL
Avocados from Mexico – PASS
Netflix Cloverfield – PASS

11:53 – Coke Mango – FAIL
Jeep the Road – PASS
Tide – FAIL
Weather Tech – PASS

8:48 – Pringles – FAIL
Febreeze – FAIL
Michelob Ultra – FAIL

7:24 – Jamie Casino – PASS

5:01 – Squarespace – FAIL
Dodge Ram MLK – FAIL

1:59 – Rimfire Films Australia – PASS
Turbo Tax Monster under bed – FAIL
Persil – FAIL

Third Quarter

12:15 – Lexus Black Panther – PASS
Tide Day – FAIL
Budweiser Stand By Me – PASS
Intuit – PASS

7:18 – Jeep Jurasic Park – PASS
Westworkd – PASS
Turbotax Ghost – FAIL

7:18 – Kia Steven Tyler Dream On – PASS
Blacture – PASS

3:23 – Marvel Studios – PASS
T Mobile – FAIL

3:23 – Toyota Free To Move – PASS
Kraft Family – PASS

Fourth Quarter

14:09 – Monster Headphones – PASS
Michelob Ultra – PASS
Groupon – PASS

9:22 – Alexa Loses Her Voice – PASS

4:52 – Coke – PASS
Universal Peyton Manning – PASS

3:07 – Hyundai Hope Detector – PASS

1:56 – Stella Artois Clean Water – PASS
Jeep Manifesto – PASS
Tide – FAIL