Once again, Donald Trump opens mouth, inserts foot.

This time, he may have ticked off Christians and some Jews. At a speech he gave to the Faith and Freedom Conference last week, the presumptive Republican nominee for president may not just crossed the line, he wiped it off the face of the Earth.

While speaking to the crowd of supposed Christians, Trump was again bragging how he was going to “make America great again” without any policy ideas. In the past, he’s said things that under his leadership would be the “best ever” and somehow save the nation from the brink of what he thinks is wrong. While he’s done all that ranting and raving about himself, he’s almost compared hims to Jesus.

Yes, THAT Jesus.

THE Jesus.

He’s also insinuating that he’s better than Jesus.

Donald. Been there. Done that. Remember John Lennon saying “we’re more popular than Jesus?”

In his speech last week, Trump said, “You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna make America great again. You know how I’m gonna do it? I’m gonna get the best people, only the greatest. I’m gonna save our country. I’m gonna save this nation like nothings been saved before. I’m gonna save this nation like Jesus saved Christians. Except, I’ll be able to save you without some silly cross. I don’t like guys who let themselves get nailed to a cross. Real saviors don’t need crosses, they need know-how. And know-how is what you’ll get with President Trump.”

Really, Donald?


Let us know when you turn water into wine, raise the dead or come back to life in three days, Donald. You’ve gone a bit too far. When you decide that you are going to die on a cross, let us know. We’ll be there to jeer at you. Donald, you are the biggest threat to religion since Henry VIII. You in the White House does nothing for Christianity. PERIOD. The comments that you and your over-done, over-inflated ego do nothing to help our faith. In point of fact, some of us would rather be atheists than have you in the Oval Office.

You want to make America great? Really? America is already great and it’s going to be greater without your leadership. You’ve made comments about the Pope, you’ve made comments about religion in general and now this. One would imagine if Jesus were at the speech, he’d probably scold you in Aramaic. Donald, you are not even worth 30 pieces of silver. Shut up. Apologize to those who have faith.

Jesus may not have had the pedigree that you have, he may not have gone to some fancy boarding school or gotten rich on real estate deals but he had a passion for people of ALL walks of life, whether those people were Gentiles or Jews, he didn’t care about social standing or anything like that. “I don’t like guys who let themselves get nailed to a cross,” you said. Really? We would hate to wonder how you felt about guys that turned water into wine, walked on water or raised the dead. We like people that do that kind of stuff. Faith is something that can’t be seen but can be believed. Donald, you don’t get it. You are clueless and that’s being kind. You were probably asleep in Sunday school, while the rest of us were at least paying attention to the homily.

Jesus had more know-how both off the cross and on it than you will EVER have, Donald. Your ignorance confirmed your fear of Christians and people of other denominations. The cross is anything BUT silly.

This may not be an altar call for you but it could be the next best thing.