His mother said he had never been in trouble, not even a demerit in high school. All of that changed when Carleen Turner’s son Brock decided that he was going to sexually assualt a woman at Stanford Univeristy.

It seems that the Turners are living in a world that we don’t know about. Her son made himself a target, first for the sexual assault of a co-ed at a frat party at the Palo Alto, California school. Then his sentence of six months drew the attention of many Americans and the ire of those that support rape and sexual assault victims.

In her statement to the court, she told Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky, basically saying that any time behind bars would ammount to a death sentence. “I beg of you, please don’t send him to jail/prison. Look at him. He won’t survive it. He will be damaged forever and I fear he would be a major target. Stanford boy, college kid, college athlete — all the publicity. This would be a death sentence for him,” she wrote.

Really, lady?


It would seem that Mrs. Turner is not just drinking the Kool-Aid, she’s chugging it. This is the real world, Mrs. Turner. We’re sorry that your child is going to jail for six months. What is ticking the nation off is that he’s not doing more time in either San Quentin, Cocoran or Pelican Bay. Instead, he’ll be doing time in the Santa Clara County Jail and hopefully it’ll be in adseg for his own safety. The jury got it right when they convicted your son. It was the judge that got it wrong.

Three felonies.

Assualt with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated-unconscious person. Guilty.

Penetration of an intoxicated person. Guilty.

Penetration of an unconscious person. Guilty.

In most people’s books, that’s three strikes. He’s out.

There are some good sides to all of this. First, he’s scheduled to be released on September 2nd. He’s now a sexual offender and that status is going to follow him for the rest of his life on Earth. Secondly, he was given three years probation, which means that once he gets out of the county jail, any offense he commits means that he goes back behind bars. Thirdly, Stanford has banned him from ever setting foot on the campus. EVER. Fourthly, USA Swimming wants nothing whatsoever to do with him when they banned him for life. Stanford for their part also withdrew a 60 percent swimming scholarship that they were going to give him prior to his legal problems.

Carleen Turner said that the trial destroyed her family. She didn’t even mention the victim in her letter. What if this happened to her or one of her kids? She probably would be screaming bloody murder. The other two Turner children have collectively accumulated $150,000 in student loan debt because they were unable to pay for college tuition.

“His dreams have been shattered by this. No NCAA Championships. No Stanford degree, no swimming in the Olympics (and I honestly know he would have made a future team), no medical school, no becoming an Orthopedic surgeon.” Your son’s victims had dreams, too. Wake up. Smell the French Roast. His actions probably destroyed whatever dreams that she had.

Carleen Turner also described how the trial has “destroyed” her family.

In her statement, she went on to say, “I know what a broken heart feels like. It is a physical pain that starts just below the collar bone and extends to below the rib cage, it is a crushing and heavy ache that feels like I am being squeezed. This feeling has not left my body since the verdict. This verdict has destroyed us,” she wrote. That’s fine. But don’t forget the victim here, madam. She’s a broken person that your son raped (although some are calling it a sexual assault) and may never recover emotionally. The physical? It will heal. It’s something we can see. It’s the emotional and social that we don’t always see.

We get that you’re upset that Brock is going to lose whatever freedom he had. He should have thought about that. You can’t unring a bell. Your son is the poster child for a justice system that failed a young lady that needed it the most. She wasn’t perfect by any means. If anything, when he’s alone in his jail cell, we hope that he sees his victim as a human being, with hopes, dreams, desires and needs.

The Turners need to know and understand that when Brock gets out of jail, he’s not going to be the same person. The school that he attended does not want him anymore, making him a persona non grata. He’s become an outcast not just in the academic world but in the swimming world. His every move will be watched not just by parole officers but by the media and the public. His victim will be watching him too and her senses, along with the senses of her friends and family will be heightened as well.

Two sets of dreams were destroyed. Brock Turner’s dreams were destroyed when he assaulted a young lady at a frat party at Stanford. The other set? His victim. Carleen Turner needs to hear that when you destory one person’s dreams, your dreams get wrecked too.

Brock Turner thought he was on top of the world, at least that’s what his mother thought.

Let’s hope that she comes back to reality with the rest of us.