A lawmaker from South Dakota wants the school children in his state to have their genitals inspected before they can play sports in the state.

You read that correctly.

According to “If Only You News,” Roger Hunt wants school children in the state of South Dakota that play high school sports to have their privates checked to determine what gender they are. The Republican senator came up with the sick idea that minors in South Dakota schools wants them to expose their genitals to school administrators before they can take the field.

Senator Hunt, you are a pedophile. Mr. Hunt, you are a sick man that deserves to be flogged. There is NO way in Hell that a parent would even allow this to happen and there is no way on this Earth that this “legislation” would ever be passed and if it is, expect it to die before the governor of the state even signs it. No school district would ever sign off on it and any school district that even thinks about it should lose their license. This is not just illegal, it’s immoral, not to mention unfair to the children of the state of South Dakota that trust not only their parents but their teachers and coaches.

Senator Hunt, you are a sandwich short of a picnic, using your public office to attack citizens that you are supposed to represent. This is cowardice in the highest form and no athlete, parent, student, coach or administrator should comply. This so-called legislation is not worth the time, energy, effort, paper or printer ink it took to create. This legislation is so bad even Satan wants nothing to do with it. This is stupidity, it’s COWARDICE, plain and simple and it will go over as well as a lead balloon. What in the hell were you thinking, Senator? More importantly, were you thinking? If the voters of your district recall you, it’s your own damned fault. BUGGER OFF!

Senator Hunt, you are a sick, petty, evil little man. You are a buffoon. Butt out of the lives and pants of the children. Keep your hands to yourself, sir, because if you don’t, you will have some really angry parents at your door and if one of them goes “mama bear” on you, you will have no one to blame but yourself. Leave the children of South Dakota alone.

Unless you want the wrath of angry parents on your head.