The nightmare is over.

With one escaped murder Richard Matt dead from gunshot wounds, it would only be a matter of time before Matt’s accomplice David Sweat would be captured.

People in upstate New York could finally exhale.

Sweat thought he could fight the law.

He fought the law.

The law won.

Sweat was shot twice in a field by a New York State trooper and taken into custody in upstate New York, just miles away from the Canadian border. The arrest and re-capture of Sweat closes a three-week manhunt for the two that were behind bars at Clinton Correctional Institute.

Sweat was given a life sentence without parole for shooting dead an officer who pursued him after a robbery he committed in Broome County.

It was an escape that would probably wind up being a story line for a future episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” Sweat and Martin
cozied up to a prison tailor and a guard who allegedly brought them tools, which they used to cut their way through a
labyrinth of multiple barriers and underground passageways, emerging emerged to freedom through a manhole in the middle of a street. Guards discovered them missing on June 6, during a routine bed check.

Search teams looked through usptate New York for the two men, who police and FBI considered armed and dangerous and the FBI even went so far so to put the two on their “Most Wanted List.” Approximately 1,300 federal, state and local law enforcement officers in the dense woods.

Law enforcement experts stressed that it’s crucial Sweat needed to survive so that officials can learn exactly how he and Matt escaped and who helped them.

Searchers had at times followed two sets of footprints but when they gunned Matt down one day after his 49th birthday, there was no sign of Sweat nearby, according to the Associated Press and the New York Times. The plan was for the two men to head south to Mexico.

So, on all-terrain vehicles and in helicopters, they continued looking for the man who eluded them for three weeks, using infrared vision devices to peer through the night. That search was focused on an area along New York’s State Route 30 between County Route 41 in the town of Malone and County Route 26 in the town of Duane, state police said.

Audra Buchanan of Constable, New York, said she was stunned to hear recently that Sweat could be near her home. “We were so nervous,” she said. “We’ve had our housed locked down.” When she saw on CNN that Sweat had been shot and was in custody, she said she felt “an incredible sigh of relief.”

When Buchanan heard sirens and saw ambulances fly by her home, she thought, “Oh my God, thank God!” she told CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux. Her 9-year-old daughter has been begging to go outside and play for weeks and Buchanan said she’s glad she can now let her.

The nightmare is over. The manhunt has concluded. David Sweat sang like a bird since his re-capture. His escape from Clinton Correctional last month made headlines, sending innocent citizens into lockdown as if they were in prison. It’s over now. Audra Buchanan’s daughter and other children in the area can now go outside and play, people in the community can have their summer back knowing that Richard Matt is dead and David Sweat will never draw breath again as a free man.

David Sweat and Richard Matt thought they could run. Matt lost his battle with the law when a Customs officer shot him three times. Sweat would eventually be caught by the New York State Police. Sweat will be charged with first-degree escape, authorities have said. He is already serving life without parole for the murder of a Broome County sheriff’s deputy. He will be locked up alone in a cell for 23 hours a day and placed on suicide watch at Five Points Correctional Facility in Romulus, in the state’s Finger Lakes region, the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision said.

Sweat is not the only person in hot water for the escape. Clinton Correctional’s superintendent was replaced after he and 11 other employees were put on administrative leave. As for Joyce Mitchell, the prison volunteer that was associated with Sweat and Matt, allegedly passed the tools used for their escape to them inside hamburger meat and revealed to authorities how she helped the two convicted murderers escape. Her life, for all purposes, is ruined, as the careers of those that were supposed to keep him behind bars are destroyed as well.

David Sweat is back behind bars and the only way he will ever leave prison will be in a body bag when he draws his final breath on this Earth. David Sweat and Richard Matt tried to fight the law.

The law won.