It’s that time again! The ads for this year’s Super Bowl made their appearances and we hope they got their money’s worth. There were some ads that we liked and some that made us wonder “what in the hell were they thinking or were they even thinking?” A 30-second ad for this year’s Super Bowl would have run you about $4.5 million (or $150 thousand a second). One chance to get your message across. Like we said earlier, there were some ads that we liked and some that had us shaking our heads. Unlike last year, when we gave out letter grades on Gather, this year, it’s the pass/fail system.

Once again, Doritos and Budweiser did really well this year but there were some ads that really stank up the joint.

We listed the ads that were aired during the game in the order of their appearance (there were 47) and we didn’t count ads for the National Football League (they’re the one that’s hosting the party, remember?) or ads for NBC programs, as well as ads that appeared at the end of quarters or halftime. So with that in mind, here are the ads by quarter. We hope you had plenty of food and kept an eye out on Connie (she’s been known to wipe out a Super Bowl party or two!).

1st Quarter (7)
Toyota – Pass
Turbo Tax Boston Tea Party – Pass (Pretty good)
Game Of War – Pass
Disney Tommorowland – Pass
BMW I3 – Pass (Katie Couric looked really good!)
Minions – Pass
Snickers Marcia – Pass

2nd Quarter (19)
Budweiser Puppy – Pass
Nationwide Mindy – Fail
Terminator – Pass
Coca Cola Hate – Pass
Avocado Draft – Fail
Universal Furious 7 – Pass
Dove Men – Pass
Doritos Empty Seat – Fail (Would have gotten a pass)
Nissan Racing – Pass
Nationwide Childhood – PAss
Weighwatchers – Pass
WeatherTech – Pass
McDonalds – Pass
Esurance Breaking Bad – Fail
Fiat 500x – Fail
Go Daddy – Pass
Discover It Card Suprise – Fail
Microsoft What Can We Do – Pass
Jeff Bridges – Fail

3rd Quarter (10)
Supercell Liam Nielsen – Pass
Sprint Screaming Goat – Fail
Lexus – Pass
Microsoft Brilliant Bus – Pass
Dodge – Pass
Kia Pierce Brosnan – Pass
Jublia – Fail (HELLO! Toenail fungus products? Some of us were trying to eat!)
T Mobile Taylor SWift – Pass
Budweiser – Pass
Jeep This Land is Your Land – Pass

4th Quarter (11)
Ted 2 – Pass
Mophie God – Fail
Loctite – Fail
The Royals – Pass
Bud Light Ready for Anything – Pass
Mercedes Tortise vs. Hare – Pass
50 Shades of Gray – Pass
Doritos Pigs Fly – Pass
Wix Farve – Pass
Victoria’s Secret – Pass
Heroes Charge – Pass