when the final report on the Sandy Hook School shooting comes out, a name that many do not wish to hear will be mentioned only once and for good reason. In the report that was to be finalized February 13th, one day before many American school children exchange Valentines Cards and eat Valentine’s Day snacks until they erupt like tiny volcanones will have the man that caused Newton, Connecticut grief and misery will be mentioned by name only once.

The report will mention Adam Lanza by name at first in the report, which will be made public and then listed by AL for the remainder of the report.

The 20-year old Lanza began his rampage of murder and terror on December 12 of 2012 when he shot his mother Nancy at their house in Newtown before going to the school and proceeded to kill 20 students and six teachers before taking his own life.

The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission’s Report, according to the Hartford Courant and the Associated Press, also makes recommendations to school design and mental health services. The 16-member panel was convened by Connecticut governor Daniel Malloy and recently met in Hartford for one of their final public meetings.

The report also includes proposals for better communication between local and state police, designing new schools to keep out potentially violent intruders and upgrading mental health protocols to provide help for troubled students. It also recommended the state develop support teams to deploy to schools hit by attacks or other tragedies to help administrators manage security and personnel and provide mental health services during a crisis. Commission Chairman Scott Jackson told the Associated Press and the Hartford Courant, “This is an important day in our two-year odyssey. After creating an executive summary over the next two weeks, we will be ready to finalize and release this long-awaited report.”

The commission is also debating if there are going to be 27 victims, adding Lanza’s mother to the list. They should. After all, he was his first victim.

A draft of the dedication for the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission’s report references 26 victims. Commissioner Harold Schwartz asked at a hearing Friday why Nancy Lanza should not also be considered a victim. Although the commission ultimately agreed to leave her name out, Schwartz suggested mentioning her at least in a footnote.

“I’m not certain it is morally right to not acknowledge her as a victim,” said Schwartz, a psychiatry professor at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

The role of Nancy Lanza, who often took her son to shooting ranges and bought the rifle he would use in the school massacre, has been a vexing question in Newtown. While friends have said she did her best raising a troubled son, a report by the state’s Office of the Child Advocate concluded she contributed to his isolation as she kept him at home, surrounded by an arsenal of firearms as he whiled away hours playing violent video games. Several commission members said they had no objection to leaving the dedication intact for the 26 people killed at the school. Commissioner Adrienne Bentman asked how other victims’ families might feel about seeing Nancy Lanza’s name on the same page with those of their loved ones. While that question is somewhat vexing, others think that Nancy Lanza was and is a victim and should be included in the report.

The commission chairman, Scott Jackson, said it is impossible to know how much responsibility Nancy Lanza bears.

“I think that’s why number 27 is always so difficult, because there’s so much we don’t know,” said Jackson, the mayor of Hamden.

On that day, which ironically was a Friday, school children all over the country and even in Newtown exchanged Valentine’s Day parties in their classrooms, exchaning cards and feasting on Valentine’s Day candy. There will be 20 fewer students and six fewer adults that were not with them. They were taken from us by AL and his hate and rage. Adam Lanza could have faced justice and the worst he could or would have gotten would have been the death penalty and even then he would be sitting on death row while the appeals process does what it needs to do. Instead, Adam Lanza or AL chose the coward’s way out, shooting himself. In a few months, the house where the horror started will be turned into rubble and will exist no more.

On February 13, the world no longer heard Adam Lanza’s name. He will be a distant memory that does not deserve to be mentioned or uttered in our lifetimes ever again. As a reporter covering the hangings of the Booth conspirators in 1865 wrote, “we wish to hear their names no more.” The report will have the 20 names listed in alphabetical order, a roll call for a class if you will. Their names deserve to be mentioned along with the six adults who were doing nothing more than being their teachers, mentors, protectors and friends. 20 angels, whose parents have been cheated out of seeing them in prom dresses or tuxes, caps and gowns and even wedding dresses will have the final word. On February 13, Sandy Hook and Newtown got their wish. Adam Lanza was and is a bad memory.

We say good riddance to bad rubbish.