He’s the star of the show. No, he doesn’t wear a helmet, he doesn’t call audibles and he’s the thing that many NFL teams would die to have.

Women love him.

Other trophies? They want to be him.

It’s the Lombardi Trophy and it’ll go home with the winner of Sunday’s Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona. Lombardi says that he’s liking the weather out west and is anxious for the big game and looks forward to Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara next year.

“Last year, I almost got frostbite. Football in New Jersey in the middle of January? What the hell?! It was colder than a case of Brass Monkeys Ice Draft Beer,” he told me over the phone last weekend. “This time, I’ve got the sun screen going, the weather’s not bad here and I got in a couple of rounds of golf.” After the game, I’m planning on being in a couple of parades after all of this is over and then I’m going to Disney World.”

In case you’re wondering, the Vince Lombardi Trophy is presented each year to the winner of the Super Bowl for permanent possession. It is a memorial to the late coach of the Green Bay Packers, who won Super Bowls I and II, plus NFL championships in 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966 and 1967. Following four years as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game Trophy, it was renamed for Lombardi in 1970.

Lombardi weighs about seven pounds, is handcrafted of sterling silver, stands 21 inches high. He has a regulation-size football on top (fully inflated!) that sits atop a threesided base with convex faces. Each trophy is valued at $25,000 and is crafted by Tiffany & Company. So if you’re thinking about taking him apart and playing catch outside, don’t. $25 thousand’s a lot of silver to break up and it go toward your kid’s tution.

We chatted a little bit about the “Deflategate” in New England and Lombardi told me that “it’s blown out of proportion. It’s nonesense. If anything, the Pats should lose a draft pick if they find out that they did it. After all, the Colts used those balls too.”

As for who’s he picking to win the big game, he’s picking Seattle. “Granted, Brady’s good but Seattle’s the champ and as wrestler Rick Flair once said, ‘if you want to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man.’ I don’t see that happening, even though New England’s favored by 1. He did say that he’s going to watch the game in commissioner Goodell’s box and is looking forward to the halftime show with Katy Perry. “I hear that Connie chick’s out and about again. Man, can that girl eat and not gain a pound,” he said. “Better watch her close.”

Lombardi had to go off for another tee time but says that it’s going to be a lot better Super Bowl and a lot warmer. But he did tell me that he’s looking forward to a pretty good game between two teams that are almost evenly matched with two QBs that have all but assured themselves of spots at Canton. He also says watch out for Connie. Food is not safe around her.