The Duggars are hypocrites. Less after a month when they strong-armed the Arkansas Supreme Court to overturn a gay marriage amendment in their home state, another secret has come to bite them in the rear end and this involves their own flesh and blood.

It seems that they have a gay family member and they kept the secret hidden.

Until now.

Michelle Duggar’s older sister is a lesbian and has identified herself as gay. 63-year old Evelyn Ruark has been in a long-term relationship with 52-year old Sharon Callahan and lives in Cincinnati, according to Sharon’s mother Dolores, who reported the news to the Associated Press.

Duggars, it’s time to take the log out of your own eye, as a great man once said. It’s time to start reading the very Bible you choose to thump. Your intolerance is about as welcome as ants at a picnic. Saying one thing and doing something else makes you and your clan look really, really, really bad. Granted, you have a right to your own belief system but you do not have the right to impose that system on everyone else. Perhaps it’s time for the TV show that you’re doing to go the way of Honey Boo-Boo.

You’ve become stale. You’re old news. You’re the modern day version of the Sanhedrin. You say you love your neighbor. Time to put your money where your mouth is. Hate in the name of God is still hate and that doesn’t sit well with the man upstairs. It’s time to listen to your better angels. Time to be accountable for your actions. The one without sin should cast the first stone but right now, you’re not even close to the rockpile. Put the rocks down, honey. Stop treating gays and those that don’t think like you do like Mary Magdaline. You can disagree. That’s fine. But to condemn? That’s not your call. Do not judge and you will not be judged is still in play, when last we checked.

Trust us, when it’s your time to face the Almighty, it may or may not be pretty.

And there are some of us that hope to get ring-side seats when that day comes.