Two years ago, while America was preparing to send their schoolchildren home for the Christmas holidays, there was an event that took place that should have never happened. It happened on a Friday, when most of America was shopping for the holidays, getting ready to wrap presents and go to Christmas parties. It was an event that shocked the world.

A young man named Adam Lanza chose not to listen to his better angels and committed an act that shocked the world in general as well as the educational world. Lanza took matters into his own hands, shot his mother in cold blood and then went to Sandy Hook Elementary school, killing 26 people. Of those 26 people, 20 of them were children whose parents were deprived
of seeing them open their Christmas presents, ride their new bikes, play with their dolls or other toys. Their parents, grandparents and other relatives and friends will never again have the pleasure of seeing them ride their new shiny
bikes on Christmas morning or watch them open their presents.

20 young lives. Gone. Taken from us too early. 20 angels that did nothing to this man other than being children.

A troubled soul with mental health issues, he was also a loner that communicated with his mother only by email, even though they lived in the same house. She said he hadn’t left the home in three months and disliked birthdays, Christmas and holidays, not allowing his mother to put up a Christmas tree and also had her get rid of the family cat because he did not want the animal in the house. As for his room in the house, no one was allowed entry, including Nancy Lanza, who would be his first victim.

When Lanza had his hair cut, he did not like to be touched and did not like the sound of clippers, so they were not used much. He would sit with his hands in his lap and always look down, giving one word answers if the cutter tried to engage him in conversation. Adam Lanza made Adolf Hitler look like a Boy Scout. Adam Lanza was a coward, choosing to take his own life when he was eventually cornered instead of surrending. Cowards don’t get schools, parks, stadiums, libraries or even hospitals named for them. Rather, they get scorn and diresion, not just from the victims but from their families and friends.

20 young lives snuffed out at a time where most children are making their lists to send to the Fat Man at the North Pole. Christmas is supposed to be not only a time of joy but a time of litugical celebration. Last year, the 26 that died that Friday afternoon were remembered. Tears were shed as their names were mentioned either in church services, on the airwaves or the internet but there was be some laughter as well.

On a Friday morning in 2012, when most of America’s school children were ready for a day of learning, a crazed man with an agenda of malice, anger and hate in his heart tried to take joy away from those that were attending Sandy Hook Elementary School. On that day, he fought a battle with himself and lost. Some thought that he suffered from austim or Addison’s Disease. We’re not sure if that is the case and that door has been closed to us forever by history. Adam Lanza though he was going to be “grinch-like” in his behavior. There are still questions that are being asked and the answers may never come.

26 people. 26 innocent people who agendas were nothing more than to teach, learn, laugh, play and love are gone. They cannot come back and speak to us. If they could, they would tell us to move forward. They would tell us to teach, learn, laugh, play.

They would also tell us clearly to love, even the ones that harm us, the message that Christ and Martin Luther King chose to speak. Those 26 that he killed that day now belong to the angels and will be remembered by those they left behind. Adam Lanza chose not to listen to his better angels. For the sake of those that were lost that day, we must for our own good and the good of others.

The shooting two years ago sends a message that our schools need to be safer for those that are students and those that work there, whether they are teachers, secretaries, lunchroom staff, paraprofessionals, et al. It also sends a message that there needs to be tougher gun control laws without doing away with the right to own a gun with the provision that the owner is responsible, does not have a criminal record or has a mental defect. It’s not the law-abiding citizens that are the problem, the problem is the NRA and our elected leaders. 26 people are dead and short of the Ressurection, will never come back to us. It is time that our elected leaders listen to their better angels, unlike Adam Lanza. When we sing “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” at our Midnight services, where ever we are, don’t just sing. Listen to the 26 angels who didn’t need to or deserve to die.

It’s time to hush the noise and cease the strife.

And hear 26 angels sing.