Send in the clowns.

The circus in Ann Arbor that is known as the Michigan football program got a little stranger this week as athletic director Dave Brandon, who is on the hot seat to save his job, added a little more fuel to the fire when he alledgedly sent a series of emails to fans that expressed their displeasure with the program.

Let’s just say that right now Brandon does not play well with others.

The responses to the emails sent by fans include some of the following:

“I suggest you find a new team to support. We will be fine without you. Have a happy life … “

“I suggest you find a new team to support. I really don’t care about your opinions. Have a happy life.”

“If your wife’s message was her way of criticizing, then perhaps she needs to work on her people skills … I rarely receive hateful email like the one your wife sent.”

“Quit drinking and go to bed.”

Really? What the hell? Dave, you are not just biting the hand that feeds you, you’re ripping it off the bone.

The emails were posted on a local fan site MGoBlog, which writes that it believes the emails it has received, purported to be written by Brandon, are authentic but the website noted it could not verify with 100 percent certainty that Brandon sent them.

Brandon did not respond to numerous requests from CBS Detroit to either confirm or deny the email exchanges and told MLive “I don’t read blogs so I think it’s nonesense” Dave. Really? That’s the captain of the Titanic saying “it’s just an iceberg.”

First the issue with your quarterback getting hurt, Coca-Cola giving away tickets to a prior home game, then the stake in the ground at East Lansing last week and now this.

Brandon is taking the Marie Antoinette approach to this. You know, the kingdom’s falling, the peasants are getting ticked off and the response? Let them eat cake.

A once strong program is now the laughing stock of college football and has gone down the road of perdition since they lost to Appalachian State in 2007. The fans in Ann Arbor are ticked off and rightfully so. Madness has taken over in the Big House. The inmates are running the prison. It’s like “Breaking Bad” gone bad.

Even some students are taking ownership of this problem. The Michigan Daily reports that Craig Kaplan, a senior in public policy who helped lead the rally calling for the university to fire Brandon, plans to distribute 2,000 T-shirts with the hashtag #FIREDAVEBRANDON before the Indiana game Saturday. Kaplan told the Daily that a donor paid for the T-shirts.

Uneasy rests the crown. The Michigan problem at best right now is on life support and it wouldn’t be suprising if there are a few empty seats the rest of the year in the Big House. The Wolverines have home games left with the Hoosiers and newcomer Maryland after they travel to Northwestern and a bye week. After that, a date with Ohio State. In Columbus. At 3-5 overall and 1-3 in the Big 10 East, Michigan needs to get their house in order and do it QUICKLY.

There’s almost no way Michgan can win the Big 10 and the loss to Michigan State last week didn’t help the cause of Dave Brandon and Brady Hoke. Time to pull up stakes (bad pun, I know) on the circus and move on and if it means a new coach and AD, so be it. But stop the pettiness. It’s annoying and makes you look stupid. The college football world is getting tired of the soap opera. As Susan Powter once said, “stop the madness.”


In the name of all things decent and holy.

Dave. If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing. Stop being so snippy. The elephant’s in the room and you need to acknowledge that. Fix the problem. Get the Big House in order or those fans that are writing those checks will write them for your rivals in East Lansing. Money talks. Some of the emails you got may have been hateful but some are true. Know the truth. It will set you free.

Fighting with the people that sign your paycheck will get you nothing but headaches, heartburn, high blood pressure.

And a pink slip.