NFL telecasts held the top three spots in viewership among all television programs last week. The CBS national telecast (mostly Chiefs–49ers) was the most watched TV program with 19.7 million average viewers, followed by Bengals–Patriots on NBC’s Sunday Night Football which averaged 19.4 million viewers and the FOX Single telecast (mostly Cardinals-Broncos and Falcons-Giants, 19.3 million).

For the season, NFL games rank as the 15 most-watched TV shows since Labor Day, including the seven most-watched shows in primetime.

Following are the most-watched programs this fall:

1. FOX Sunday National (mostly 49ers-Cowboys), 9/7-28.0 million
2. CBS Sunday National (mostly Broncos-Seahawks), 9/21-27.3 million
3. NBC Thursday Night Kickoff Game (Packers-Seahawks), 9/4-26.9 million
4. FOX Sunday National (mostly Eagles-49ers), 9/28-25.8 million
5. CBS Sunday National (mostly Chiefs-Broncos), 9/14-24.9 million
6. NBC Sunday Night Football (Colts-Broncos), 9/7-23.7 million
7. NBC Sunday Night Football (Saints-Cowboys), 9/28-22.7 million
8. NBC Sunday Night Football (Bears-49ers), 9/14-22.2 million
9. CBS & NFLN Thursday Night Football (Steelers-Ravens), 9/11-20.8 million
10. FOX Sunday Single (mostly Redskins-Eagles & Packers-Lions), 9/21-20.6 million
11. NBC Sunday Night Football (Steelers-Panthers), 9/21-19.7 million
12. CBS Sunday National (mostly Chiefs-49ers), 10/5-19.7 million
13. FOX Sunday Single (mostly Cardinals-Giants, Lions-Panthers & Cowboys-Titans), 9/14-19.4 million
14. NBC Sunday Night Football (Bengals-Patriots), 10/5-19.4 million
15. FOX Sunday Single (mostly Cardinals-Broncos and Falcons-Giants), 10/5-19.3 million
16. CBS “NCIS” – 9/30, 18.8 million
17. CBS “The Big Bang Theory” – Season Premiere 9/22, 18.2 million

Locally, NFL games topped ratings in 28 NFL markets last week:

Program # of NFL Markets Ranked #1
NFL Football – 28
MLB Playoffs – 1
Scandal – 1

Following is the list of the NFL markets where football was the top-rated program for the week of September 29 – October 5:
Market-Game, Date (RTG/SHR, Rank)
Kansas City-Patriots at Chiefs, 09/29/2014 (44.9/63, 1)*
Milwaukee-Vikings at Packers, 10/02/2014 (42.7/61, 1)**
New Orleans=Buccaneers at Saints, 10/05/2014 (39.5/64, 1)
Denver-Cardinals at Broncos, 10/05/2014 (38.8/73, 1)
Pittsburgh-Steelers at Jaguars, 10/05/2014 (35.9/66, 1)
Boston-Bengals at Patriots, 10/05/2014 (35.6/55, 1)
Buffalo- Bills at Lions, 10/05/2014 (35.4/59, 1)
Indianapolis-Ravens at Colts, 10/05/2014 (34.9/59, 1)
Cincinnati-Bengals at Patriots, 10/05/2014 (34.2/51, 1)
Houston-Texans at Cowboys, 10/05/2014 (32.9/64, 1)
Dallas-Texans at Cowboys, 10/05/2014 (31.4/59, 1)
Baltimore-Ravens at Colts, 10/05/2014 (31.3/57, 1)
Minneapolis-Vikings at Packers, 10/02/2014 (30.4.47, 1)**
Cleveland-Browns at Titans, 10/05/2014 (30.1/56, 1)
San Diego-Jets at Chargers, 10/05/2014 (30.1/61, 1)
Chicago-Bears at Panthers, 10/05/2014 (27.8/55, 1)
Philadelphia-Rams at Eagles, 10/05/2014 (27.5/52, 1)
Phoenix-Cardinals at Broncos, 10/05/2014 (27.1/49, 1)
Detroit-Bills at Lions, 10/05/2014 (25.8/49, 1)
Nashville-Browns at Titans, 10/05/2014 (25.5/44, 1)
Charlotte-Bears at Panthers, 10/05/2014 (22.9/45, 1)
San Francisco and Oakland – Chiefs at 49ers, 10/05/2014 (22.9/52, 1)
Jacksonville-Steelers at Jaguars, 10/05/2014 (22.7/40, 1)
Tampa-Buccaneers at Saints, 10/05/2014 (17.9/34, 1)
Atlanta-Falcons at Giants, 10/05/2014 (17.8/38, 1)
New York-Falcons at Giants, 10/05/2014 (15.3/35, 1)
Seattle-Bengals at Patriots, 10/05/2014 (13.7, 24, 1)
Miami – Jets at Chargers, 10/05/2014 (9.3/18, 1)

* Local affiliate & ESPN combined
** Local affiliate & NFLN combined
Source: NFL & The Nielsen Company

In other NFL News…

Friday’s “Together We Make Football” segment on TODAY, narrated by NBC Sports Group’s Josh Elliott, tells the story of Philadelphia Eagles fan Colin Delaney, who was diagnosed with Leukemia. Elliott reported the segment live for TODAY between 8 and 9 a.m. ET from the Philadelphia Eagles’ NovaCare Complex.

This week’s “Together We Make Football” segment profiled 15-year-old Colin Delaney, a former middle school fullback, who after being diagnosed with Leukemia had to watch his team from the sidelines. Colin attended the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House (RMH) camp, where he met camp counselor Andre Sabellette, a cancer survivor and former RMH resident. Andre not only mentored him throughout camp, but encouraged him to keep his passion for the game he loves.

Last week, Andre took Colin and some friends to the Philadelphia Eagles’ NovaCare Complex to play a flag football game. Before the game kicked off, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and quarterback Nick Foles made a surprise appearance, resulting in an unforgettable game.

Eli Manning and the New York Giants (3-2) travel to Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia to face Foles, McCoy and their first-place NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles (4-1) Sunday night on Sunday Night Football on NBC. Pre-game coverage begins with Football Night In America at 7 p.m. following NBC Nightly News.

ABOUT “TOGETHER WE MAKE FOOTBALL”: NBC Sports teams with TODAY to present weekly “Together We Make Football” segments, telling the most compelling stories of football fans, players, teams and families across the country. The segments air on TODAY each Friday during the NFL season and feature a profile vignette produced by NFL Films narrated by NBC Sports Group’s Josh Elliott.

The National Football League’s “Together We Make Football” campaign invites anyone who has been touched by the game of football – whether as a player at any level, a fan, a group, a team or a community – to share a story of why they love the game. Select “Together We Make Football” stories will be featured on NBC’s Football Night in America studio show.

Those wishing to submit a story can visit, a digital community where fans can share their story and see thousands of others. Stories submitted through Sunday, October 19, will be entered into a contest where one “individual” submission and one “group” submission will win a trip to Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona. At the end of the season, NFL Films will produce a “Together We Make Football” special which will air on NBC on Super Bowl Sunday, February 1, 2015.

*Sunday October 12
Week 6 – New York Giants at Philadelphia

*Sunday, October 19
Week 7 – San Francisco at Denver

*Sunday, October 26
Week 8 – Green Bay at New Orleans

*Sunday, November 2
Week 9 – Baltimore at Pittsburgh

*Sunday, November 9
Week 10 – Chicago at Green Bay

*Sunday, November 16
Week 11 – New England at Indianapolis

*Sunday November 23
Week 12 – Dallas at New York Giants

**Thursday, November 27
Week 13 – Seattle at San Francisco

*Sunday, November 30
Week 13 – Denver at Kansas City

*Sunday, December 7
Week 14 – New England at San Diego

*Sunday, December 14
Week 15 – Dallas at Philadelphia

*Sunday December 21
Week 16 – Seattle at Arizona

*Sunday December 28
Week 17 – TBA

*Flex Week
** Thanksgiving Night Game

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In other NFL News…

Former United States District Judge Barbara S. Jones has been appointed by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to hear and decide the appeal filed by the NFL Players Association on behalf of Ray Rice.

Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Commissioner Goodell is obligated to consult with NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith before appointing an appeal officer. The NFL and NFLPA collaborated on the selection and the union agreed to the appointment of Judge Jones. Rice was suspended indefinitely by Commissioner Goodell on September 8 for his violation of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy involving domestic violence.

Judge Jones served in the Southern District of New York from 1996 to 2013. Prior to her appointment to the bench by President Bill Clinton, she served as an attorney in the Department of Justice, an Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York and Chief Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan. Judge Jones is currently a partner in the law firm of Zuckerman Spaeder.

“We are grateful to Judge Jones for taking on this role,” said Commissioner Goodell. “She will have our full cooperation as she hears and decides this appeal.”